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The Power of Simplicity.



What is simplicity? 

It is the ability to see things as they are. Like looking at life or an object and recognizing its true purpose. A kind of minimalistic thought process with which you permit yourself to understand and reflect only the essentials. This attitude towards various circumstances of life helps to relieve the extra load that we all carry on our shoulders.


                      A profound man once asked a mother and her child to describe  a Robin.  The mother after thinking for sometime answered, “it is a species of bird found in the Indian subcontinent and ranges across Bhutan and Srilanka. “If I am not wrong, I have read an article in internet that this species belongs to the family of Muscicapidae,” she added with a faint touch of pride.


To this the profound man replied, “Oh! Quite well. You seem to have collected a lot of information.”

Then turning to the child’s side he asked, “tell me little boy, what do you know about Robins?”

And the child replied, “It is a beautiful black and brown bird. Sings wonderful songs too.” Looking at the mother the child said, “Mom I showed you, last week a Robin was sitting on our Bamboo tree. I think you forgot.”

To this our profound man giggled and said, “In simplicity lies sincerity.”

                    It is a simple truth which we all have long forgotten or devalued. Our life and lifestyles have changed a lot from our ancestors. Anybody with an unlimited internet plan can have access to unlimited informations. Everything is just one click away. All that we need to do is sit, scroll and gather. While wallowing ourselves  into this unrestricted and endless flow of knowledge, how gloriously we have forgotten the value of moments! Abundance of guidance or knowledge that technology provides kills the curiosity  and innocence of knowing stuffs. It can seriously damage the pleasure in seeking. All  that it does is filling a false pride in us.

                       Like the profound man said before, mom was indulging herself in collecting information not moments. She was always busy with the internet. That means, she was always lost in a pre-recorded time (of the time when the information were uploaded in to the website) unlike the little child who was present in that moment, which helped him to notice the real live Robin.

                      If we are willing to relax our muscles and look towards Nature, we will behold and feel the beauty; the ravishing beauty that lies hidden in Her simplicity. All that we need to do is, to take frequent breaks from our self-made and self centric rush hours (which can only contribute to complications) and see around and consider.

                       Then arises the question, ‘simplicity’, being quite a simple task to accomplish, why do our mind often waver to the gross sides of complexities? Why do we often forget the truth? 

Answer is very simple - Greed, human greed is the only major hindrance that stands in our path to the power of being simple, truthful and happy. Our demands and our crave towards comfort have outgrown us. Our need and greed have gained terrible strength with which they are easily dragging us from our present moments; our accumulation of aesthetic moments with Nature while we are alive on this Planet. Sadly we forget the fact that at the end of the day, all that we cherish are those moments.

A Great Responsibility (a giving back), a simple path to nirvana.

A traveller once asked a wiseman,

“What is a human being’s greatest responsibility in their lifetime?”

Slightly shivering with delight, seeing the rhapsody on his face, the traveller listened to what the wiseman had to answer.

He said, “a human being’s biggest duty in their life is having gratitude. This consciousness will gift him the knowledge of his highest responsibility, and in its fulfilment lies his triumph. ‘Mother Nature’ is the first place to grant our gratitude, as we totally rely on her for our food, water and even breathing air.

In-between amassing wealth, if a human forgets their highest responsibility her/his life will not be complete. I have secured a piece of land and converted it into a wild garden by planting various types of plants, beautiful flowers and fruit trees to pay back Nature for the gifts that I received from her. I have reserved this wild garden ONLY for animals, birds, bees, butterflies and various insects. It is a dwelling for them to relax in solitude and merry make, undisturbed by human race’s prying eyes. By rewilding a small piece of land that I could afford, I have rendered my service to the mankind, coming generations and to our Planet Earth. Our creator has gifted human race the greatest gift of reasoning. Reason has been bestowed to us expecting certain responsibilities in return. So, think human, think! use the power of mind to think, understand and feel.

Your thoughts and emotions should not be limited to your own race. Think on a planetary scale. Show your gratitude towards the creator (for blessing us graciously with a capacity to be logical and righteous in thinking) by fulfilling our highest responsibilities.”

After listening attentively, the traveller asked with a visible sign of curiosity, “Why does our race forget their highest responsibility? Is not GREED a reason for it?”


To which the wiseman replies,

Human greediness is covering the ocean in the form of plastic. Debris floating in space is another personification of our boundless development. What does the possession of three or more houses by an individual symbolize other than excessive greediness? Why say much, our dining table and chairs (made by axing trees) and even the meat on our plate embodies our gluttony and greed.”

Before the traveller could ask something else, the wiseman added happily,

“I am in a bit of rush as I am going to my wild garden to hang a small bee house to help our pollinators of food crops” and glided away with an ecstasy of an absolute human being who had found real happiness in life.

Traveller thought, ‘I think I have witnessed a real man who has attained nirvana from his life. If this isn’t what else is nirvana? It is not something that can be attained by sitting somewhere silently by closing your eyes. Nirvana is a higher state of mind, an utmost state of happiness which lies in knowing the answer to your question: Who am I ?

‘Nirvana’, a magical word for mind’s enlightenment , lies in a simple answer to this seeking, that you are nothing but a human being, a child of Mother Nature who should live your life in complete harmony with all the other species or children of Mama Nature.’

Are we really mindful?

Consuming meat and finding various excuses to justify bloodshed is old and outdated. Nature conscious young vegans are trending these days. We cannot moralize our barbaric attitude anymore, as a whole new explanation to the meaning of life, of 'all lives', is getting acknowledged worldwide amongst the educated minds. 

What is the use of our education, evolvements, and modernistic approaches if it is turning deaf and mindless to the cries of the animals? Is morality declining? Are we really progressing without identifying our responsibilities to the weaklings? 

In a mad pursuit to satisfy our craves and taste buds, are we not resisting our primary targets - our prime and initial role as a caretaker of our Planet and its lifeforms?  

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