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A page for my Literature Thoughts.

All Literature Thoughts are copyrighted.


A give and take policy

Sowing a seed after tasting fruit. 

Saving oceanic planktons and planting trees after taking oxygen from them. Thus we can maintain the benevolence of give and take policy.

Suffering of humankind : a root cause analysis

It is time for people to understand the truth that we cannot survive neglecting Nature. Our attempt to amass wealth disturbing our natural world will all end in vain. We are designed to live in touch with Nature; breathing fresh natural air from our environment. The more we run away from Her, the more we struggle. Our excessive material crave can only take us to artificial life; which is nothing but a mockery of real life. Being a child of Mother Nature it is our right to live naturally; breathing pure and natural oxygen.

The above analysis hence proves that, a permanent solution for most of our problems lies in running towards Nature and NOT away from Her.


Try not to disregard your innocence mistaking it with maturity. It is a divinity which Nature bestows if you keep in touch with Her. A child's innocence too should grow along with her/his body and mind. You can observe it from any adult animal that, though mature enough to survive they still can retain the power of innocence. This virtue allows them to live in their present moment with ultimate joy, unharmed or unwounded by greediness. 


Love to sit by oneself / love for solitude is an indication of self love. It means that, you are still in love with yourself and you still can tolerate your own company. 'Me time' is a precious present you may gift to know yourself more. If you only spend time with others, you will run fast and far from yourself, which results in losing your own individualism. Even while using mobile phones for a long time, you are busy running in other people's thoughts and actions. By doing this you seldom meet your 'own thoughts' (purely unadulterated thoughts) which is your right to meet with. No wonder why our ancestors loved and respected this saying, 'having one's own garden and solitude is the best of all feelings.' 

A vegan wish

Wishing 'all animals' freedom from human stomach and gluttony. 

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