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Here dwells my Prose Poems.

My Heart Goes Where the Pleasures of Nature Flows....

Mighty river flows,

Mighty river flows,

My mind goes,

where the mighty river flows.

A valley to ramble,

A hillock to paddock,

A meadow to shadow,

My mind goes,

where the verdant valley glows.

A place to rest,

Shaded by the overhanging boughs.

An orchard to visit,

Crowded by the fruit-bearing ancient trees.

Mighty river flows,

Mighty river flows,

My mind goes,

where pleasures of Nature flows.

Nature Mama....

She was a loner.

She prefer solitude but in her solitude,

she searched for love.

A kind of love that can safeguard her fearful mind.

A kind of love that helps filling wonder in her eyes; which can cure her body.

A kind of motherly affection which is known to be as pure as spring and as bright as white orchid.

Love, that can be both innocent and wild.

She searched all her life for the security of unending care until,

she found her real mother in Nature. 


There, I think, an art in not trying,

There is a beauty in weakness,

Beauty more powerful than in the glory of strength.

There is a life in stillness,

Let it all flow naturally,

Let it all flow naturally.

Loosing all my self, I think I found myself,

By not trying for a thousand triumphs;

is to arrive at one's fullness,

   to sit peacefully like an animal,

   not to miss the wonders in Nature,

   to listen to the song of wind and the rhythm in silence,

   the change in seasons and in the birds and insects,

   to know one's surrounding and the true nature of one's existence.

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All prose poems are copyrighted

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