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My name is Reshma Cheknath Umesh - Earth's child, Nature admirer, Animal lover and a writer. 

I am a married person and a dog mom. As per my husband, I am a witty person who loves simplicity. I am a peace seeker.


I have written and published three books so far, titled -

Dear Reader by Julie and Other Stories, A Little Book of All Kinds & A Little Book of Satire

I also love to write articles and quotes. So thankful to the Times of India Reader's blog and Medium for publishing my articles :) 

Care to read? Sharing links below :)

Few more details about me :)

My academic and worldly experience: Masters and Bachelors degree in English Language and Literature. Worked as a college Professor, teaching English Literature.

May this blog help me to share few of my thoughts, experiences and moments with my dear readers.

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